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SECURI LAB was established in 2018-2019. We started a business of consulting cybersecurity and web app development And later we focused on a blockchain which was a new technology at the time. We currently provide Audit & KYC services with our experienced security experts and researchers. We also choose among the top inspection tools in the industry.

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    Professional security audits and assessments along with professional reports with intense inspection Delve into every detail With a graph showing the linkage of functions and checking for editing/mutation/delegation capability of various functions

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    It is a product for project developers/project owners. related to the world of decentralization To build the credibility of the project to investors Our audit process has strict standards and procedures. Our products are more outstanding than other service providers. We are investigating crimes related to financial fraud to ensure that the person conducting the investigation does. There is no crime or being wanted by the government agencies of various countries. Our audits also cover business audits. that has been registered according to the laws of various countries

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    We have experts and developers on Smart Contract. We are happy to advise. Whether you have a problem or want to develop a Smart Contract for your project.

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