Professional security audits and assessments along with professional reports with intense inspection Delve into every detail With a graph showing the linkage of functions and checking for editing/mutation/delegation capability of various functions


SECURITY AUDIT with PRISM TECHNOLOGY that adds more than 5+ security assessment measures, besides protecting investors It also protects against exploits or logic malfunctions.


ALL EVM Support more than 50+

SECURI LAB Alert by RED Team 🚨

We are constantly checking and updating security news. It also releases monthly reports on blockchain security incidents.

Experienced security experts and researchers

You will receive mentoring and advice from relevant researchers and experts. To deliver effective safety assessment reports and high reliability with researchers with more than 3 years of experience


Audit Report with high reliability and standard

Our reports are of a high standard. and reliable We made it with the utmost precision. The content of the report was reviewed by three or more researchers.


Reassessment of security free of charge

If you fix any bugs or vulnerabilities in the report We will gladly reassessment you for free (up to 2 times).


Send you a Preliminary Report first to prevent the release of a critical vulnerability report.

Careful reporting process by high standards by experts with experience and certificates in the fields related to cybersecurity

A report that outlines how to fix a bug in the vulnerability.

Our report outlines a solution to the problem. It also provides advice and recommendations to deliver the best reports.


Checking for bugs and vulnerabilities with leading tools

SECURI LAB uses world-leading validation tools to ensure researchers and experts can identify errors. We also have expert researchers to find faulty logic that the tool can't detect.

Build the value of your project by ensuring investors

Grow with your investors with a standardized audit report and effective that comes from an assessment with a security assessment specialist


Affordable Price!

Affordable Price! You pay an accessible price. But still the highest potential of Audit Contact us for a consultation or a quote.

Fast. It takes only 12-36 hours for auditing.

Fast Audit in no time But it does not compromise on quality and intense inspection. You can be confident that our reports are very reliable.


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