About SECURI Consultant

Consulting/assistance services or development on Smart Contract

We have experts and developers on Smart Contract. We are happy to advise. Whether you have a problem or want to develop a Smart Contract for your project.

Consulting service on Blockchain & Smart Contract

Served by networked developers with over 3 years of Solidity experience and security researchers. to deliver success for your project


Experienced Engineer team

In addition to Smart Contract development, we also provide website development services with infrastructure. It is supervised by experienced cloud platform experts with more than 5 years of experience with professional products we use such as AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean.


User-interface design service connected to smart contract (web3.js).

Designed with an experienced team, deployed to serverless systems and CI/CD services, connect to your organization's Github without worrying about managing any server resources with our professional DevOps team.


Token Creation Service for Presale

Token asset creation service according to your needs, supporting all EVM chains such as Ethereum, BSC, POLYGON, Fantom, etc. with the audit.


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