It is a product for project developers/project owners. related to the world of decentralization To build the credibility of the project to investors Our audit process has strict standards and procedures. Our products are more outstanding than other service providers. We are investigating crimes related to financial fraud to ensure that the person conducting the investigation does. There is no crime or being wanted by the government agencies of various countries. Our audits also cover business audits. that has been registered according to the laws of various countries


Verify your identity with documents

Verification of identity with credible documents issued by national authorities such as National ID Card, Passport, Driver License.


Check the history of financial crimes and fraud.

An examination from a database covering over 30+ countries from relevant agencies. to protect investors from people who have committed crimes



Issuing KYC/KYB audited project certification with tiered verification


Protecting the personal information of KYC participants

We protect the personal information of KYC examiners to the best of our ability. We may, however, provide information in the event of a crime and contact from the competent authorities of each country.



100+ pages of detailed verification reporting with credible crime databases under a globally robust SIP network for criminal investigations.


Fast KYC in 2 hours

Fast KYC verification in 2 hours in case the documents and evidence submitted are clear and accurate. It is fast but does not compromise the quality of the inspection.


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